What Should Go on a Monthly Report Template?

A monthly report template should include categories to fill in pertinent information about the subject or project, the names of those involved, a discussion of the scope and accomplishments involved and details about tasks accomplished and unfinished, says the Houston Chronicle. Enough space should be left for a conclusion.

Along with a section identifiable information about the project or subject, the opening of the report template should include subsections to detail the goal of the project and the purpose of the report along with a space to identify the authors and their relation to the subject, according to the Houston Chronicle. Following this, the names of others involved and their duties should be included, breaking down the report by such topics as time spent on specific tasks. The scope and goals of the project as a whole should be included after this before moving on to accomplishments and missed opportunities.

In that following section, there should be room in the template to list accomplishments and failures broken down by categories and comparing them to expectations and goals set, reports the Houston Chronicle. Because this is a monthly report, tasks should be outlined according to team member or group and the predetermined monthly timeline in the breakdown. The conclusion should review challenges faced during the previous and how they may be addressed in the coming month.