What Should a Mission Statement Include?


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A mission statement includes an organization's purpose, the activities of the organization and the core values and beliefs held by members of the organization. It conveys the culture and goals of the organization both to employees and to those outside of the organization.

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A good mission statement should inspire employees and stakeholders, build a cohesive brand and engage the media. It should give customers the feeling that they are a part of the mission and vision when they purchase products. A mission statement provides the foundation for building a business. It can also serve as a concise history of the business or organization.

Start by defining the purpose of the organization. Why does the organization exist, and what does it do? Next, define the business activities that carry out the purpose. Finally, determine the company values and the beliefs the members of the organization share. All of these components should demonstrate what makes the business or group unique.

To keep the mission statement concise, include only the most important aspects of the business. If the statement includes several ideas linked with "and," determine if both of these ideas represent the organization or if it is possible to cut and combine elements.

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