What Should You Do If You Lose Your Health Insurance Card?


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The process of replacing a health insurance card varies based on which health insurance provider issued the card. In most cases, the health card issuer can provide a new card upon request, explains HealthInsurance.net.

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Health insurance can still be used without a health insurance card, according to HealthInsurance.net. Health care providers can contact the insurance company directly to verify coverage. Health care providers normally keep health insurance information on record and may not need to verify coverage.

Some health insurance providers allow their customers to request a new health insurance card online, which may be quicker than calling by phone, notes HealthInsurance.net. The length of time it takes to receive the new card varies, but the process can sometimes take up to three weeks. The sooner the health insurance provider is notified of a lost card, the sooner it can be replaced.

When a new card is requested, the account's identification number is usually replaced with a new one to protect the policy holder's personal information, explains HealthInsurance.net. Deactivating the existing identification number also prevents another person from attempting to use the health insurance fraudulently. Because of this, doctors who have the policy information on record need to be informed of the identification number change.

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