What Should You Look for When Shopping for Storage Container Rental?


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When shopping for storage container rental, it helps to consider the size of the container, any applicable weight limits, whether you need assistance loading or unloading the container, and the cost of shipping the container, if applicable. If you are not moving the container and using it only for static storage, also consider the alternative cost of renting a storage space at a local self-storage facility.

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Many storage and moving rental companies provide a wide assortment of size options for shipping. Some may suggest specific sizes to accommodate specific homes. For instance, United Mayflower offers a space calculator that lets renters gauge the size of container needed based on the size of the home or facility they seek to place into storage for moving purposes. Knowing the size of the unit needed also makes it easier to compare prices across companies, ensuring that shippers get accurate results.

Consider the costs of hiring professional movers to help pack and unpack belongings, especially if storing large quantities of goods or moving a whole household. These professional services may add more to the overall cost, but they can save time and help prevent injuries. The container rental costs may vary by weight and distance if freight hauling comes as part of the overall cost, and some containers designed for long-term storage on a lot may feature sturdier exteriors and have an additional cost for this extra protection against the elements.

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