What Should You Look for in a Pre-Owned Tiffin Motorhome?


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One of the most important things a buyer should look for in a pre-owned Tiffin motorhome is its livability, states RVWeb.com. To gauge the RV's livability, buyers should consider how they intend to use it.

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A prospective Tiffin motorhome buyer can contact a local RV dealer to perform the critical system tests of the home while he concentrates on the easy-to-see issues, advises RVWeb.com. The components of the motorhome that a dealer should inspect to guarantee the safety of a second-hand Tiffin motorhome include the propane system, furnace and air conditioner, and electrical components such as battery and inverter charger. The water system, heat and air condition ducting, engine, and floor and sub-floor should also be checked.

The buyer can then inspect the interior of the motorhome to ensure everything is in good condition, according to RVWeb.com. By performing a thorough inspection, buyers can determine if mechanical devices in the motorhome are functioning smoothly or check out appliances to make sure they are all in good working order.

After thoroughly scrutinizing the motorhome, the potential buyer should take it for a test drive to uncover any mechanical issues, states RVWeb.com. A salesperson can then resolve any problems before the buyer makes the final purchase decision.

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