What Should You Look for in a One-Bedroom in-Law House?


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Features to look for in a one-bedroom in-law house or apartment include an entrance, bathroom, living space and kitchen, according to SFGate. In-law residences are built onto homes as a place for aging parents to live with their adult children. Such dwellings can be completely detached from a home or built either over a garage or in a basement.

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Homeowners should familiarize themselves with the latest zoning, permit and building code requirements in their neighborhoods before building an in-law residence, notes SFGate. Even if the building the property doesn't violate community zoning requirements, which is rare, there are likely to be restrictions on who can live there.

Common issues with in-law residences include parking, not having enough room for all of the property's occupants, more traffic throughout the neighborhood and the impact the new construction has on the overall appearance of the community, according to SFGate. Advantages of in-law apartments are that they can be used as low-income housing for aging individuals and a source of income if a homeowner is allowed to rent out his in-law apartment.

To reduce the cost of building an in-law apartment, a homeowner can see if he qualifies for a home improvement loan, notes SFGate. A certified contractor experienced with building in-law residences should be consulted to ensure all necessary construction requirements are fulfilled.

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