What Should You Look for When Comparing Oceanfront Condos in Fort Lauderdale?

Some things to look for when comparing oceanfront condominiums in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, include the property's physical condition, its proximity to amenities and services, the location of the condo in the building and what the average prices are in the area. It is also wise to ignore the advertising gimmicks as they do not guarantee a property that is the best value, notes Tagliamonteteam.com.

The physical condition of the building is one of the major factors to consider. Property owners may conceal a condo's deteriorating condition with a lot of paint and refinished floors. Have a building inspector make an assessment of any condo before purchasing to determine if it is worth the money.

Not all oceanfront condos are in ideal locations. Some are farther along the strand, which means they're farther away from vital businesses and medical facilities. Make sure the condo is near a major road, schools if applicable, a hospital, grocery stores and basic retailers.

Condos are priced differently even within the same building, notes ByTheSeaRealty.com. Condos on higher floors sell at higher prices because they have better ocean views than lower floor models. Many buyers also favor the east and south sides of the building rather than the north and west, regardless of the unit size, so expect those prices to usually be higher as well.

Looking at prices in the desired area gives an idea of what to expect to pay before a buyer even begins looking. This helps to stay within a budget and avoid sticker shock. Choose several potential areas at the beginning to find the best fit.