What Should You Look for When Buying a Used Shredder?


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Buyers shopping for a used paper shredder should pay attention to its condition to ensure it functions properly, has a sufficient remaining lifespan and that it doesn't present any safety concerns. A buyer should consider the types of documents she plans to shred to ensure that it has the appropriate features.

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It is important to inspect the physical condition of any used paper shredder to ensure that it does not have any significant damage that might lead to workplace hazards, including a frayed power cord that could start a fire or rusted teeth in the shredding mechanisms that could cut a user. The shopper should test the shredder using a variety of documents to ensure that it is capable of functioning under normal conditions and identify any problems. A shredder that is in poor condition may result in costly expenses to repair or replace it in the future, negating any benefit from its lower price compared to newer models.

The buyer also needs to take her needs into account to make sure that the shredder offers the appropriate functionality. For example, if she plans on shredding large quantities of sensitive documents, it should cut the paper into small pieces for a greater level of privacy. Similarly, if she plans to shred thick paper or irregular items such as credit cards, compact discs or documents with staples, the shredder needs to support the destruction of those items.

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