What Should You Look for When Buying Cheap Farm Equipment?

Some things to examine when buying cheap farm equipment include checking the fluids, inspecting belts and hoses, looking over the body of the equipment and seeing what accessories come with or are available for a particular piece. Knowing what to look for reduces the risk of buying faulty equipment, explains AgriNews.

The fluid levels of a piece of farm equipment tell a prospective buyer a lot about the condition of the machine. Look at the floor of the area storing the equipment. If there are spots on the floor, that indicates potential leaks. Smell the transmission, oil and other fluids for any scent of a burnt smell or an odor of gasoline. Gas getting into oil or other fluid leaks means the machine needs repairs.

Inspect all belts and hoses carefully. Cracks, holes and worn spots mean they are damaged and have leaks or may develop leaks soon. Patched areas on a belt indicate there are already known problems with the machine and are there as a stop-gap measure. Make sure all gears are present and that they shift well, adds AgriNews.

The body of the equipment should be fairly clean and rust-free. Wheels should run straight and have no bends. Check the battery to see how old it is and if it has corrosion. While a minor repair or two is to be expected in used equipment, excessive equipment repairs means that the machine is not a good buy.

Factor in whether or not a machine includes the accessories. A tractor or backhoe might seem like a good deal, but if the sale is for the main piece only, it could mean spending hundreds of dollars on additional attachments. Knowing what attachments were used also indicates the primary job the equipment performed, which can indicate light or heavy use.