What Should You Look for When Buying Bobcat Machines at Salvage Yards?


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When buying a Bobcat machine at a salvage yards, ascertain the full condition of the vehicles before making a purchase, test out the machines to identify all working components, and learn about the history of the yard to avoid potential scams. Compare the prices of used machines or parts through auction sites to understand the proper price ranges for specific machines.

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Shopping for a Bobcat machine at a salvage yard often results in lower prices due to the condition of the vehicle, as many are either missing key components or have varying degrees of damage that prevent them from functioning normally. A buyer looking to obtain a full Bobcat machine, such as a skid steer, for a discount price may need to spend more money to restore it to working condition, while a buyer only looking for parts has fewer risks to consider.

Test any Bobcat machine you're thinking of purchasing as much as possible to make sure the components function appropriately. As some machines may not be fully functioning, ask about any warranty on the parts and the yard's return policy. Ask questions about the history of the salvage yard, as frequent name changes may be a sign of legal issues.

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