What Should You Look for Before Renting an Over-55 Apartment?


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When choosing a 55+ apartment, ask about the community’s policies on monitoring and assisting residents, especially for seniors who need clinical attention, the Assisted Living Federation of America states. Find out how the facility detects and responds to medical emergencies, and make sure the community has adequate staff to handle problems at any time of day. Consider the cost of living to determine whether you have the financial stability to retain the apartment indefinitely.

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Observe the indoor and outdoor accessibility of the apartment grounds, and pay attention to interior areas that can be adapted easily in the future to accommodate limitations in mobility, Helpguide.org notes. For example, make a note of the amount of stairs or potential spaces to add ramps. Think about your overall level of independence, and check that the area is safe and has transportation and essential businesses close by. For active seniors, try to find communities that host on-site and off-site recreation, such as fitness centers, arts and crafts programs, game nights or book clubs.

In facilities that provide housekeeping, stay alert to signs of uncleanliness, such as widespread odors, A Place for Mom states. Make sure the furnishings and grounds are well-maintained, and ask about the housekeeping, laundry and maintenance schedules. Observe the demeanor of staff and how they interact with residents, and talk to a few residents and their families for firsthand information about the community’s strengths or weaknesses. Meet directly with the apartment managers to ensure they have clear objectives and expertise.

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