What Should Be in a Letter Announcing My New Job?


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A move to a new position means writing a letter announcing the end date for the current position, reasons for accepting the new position and an expression of thanks. An announcement letter informs of an internal promotion or announces a company resignation.

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Besides announcing a job change or company resignation, writing an announcement letter ensures parting ways ends on a good note. The announcement letter shows proper business etiquette.


When writing an announcement letter, it needs to be simple, concise and give the last work date. Also, it gives a short description of the new position's benefits such as professional growth or relocation.

Job sites recommend keeping announcement letters on a positive note and not expressing resentment or negatives. Positive phrasing sets the tone for positive, future referrals even if there are negatives in a personnel file.

It is also a good idea to update managers and coworkers on current projects. This eases the transition period or keeps coworkers from being overwhelmed. Providing contact information as a means for follow up questions is a way of aiding the transition.

Finally, expressing thanks for the current job not only ends departure on a positive note it will keep the way open for maintaining business relationships and for future networking opportunities.

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