What Should an Influential Slogan Contain?

What Should an Influential Slogan Contain?

An influential slogan should contain a short message about the company or service for which it is written. It may also contain a musical tone to be easily remembered by the targeted audience.

A slogan is a short sentence that accompanies a brand name for purposes of marketing or advertising. Most companies write a slogan in a manner that prospective clients may remember and immediately identify the brand. In this regard, it contains persuasive messages.

Probably, two of the most noticeable slogans in the marketing world include Nokia’s “Connecting People” and Nike’s “Just Do It.” Evidently, a slogan is made up of a few words, usually two to five words that are easy to remember. In addition, a slogan should emotionally attach the consumer to the brand.

Slogans are aimed at increasing a company’s revenue. When a company has its slogan consistently on the packages of a given product, consumers may identify the product from the shelves of supermarkets easily.

Similarly, it reminds company employees and managers the real essence of the brand.

In the United States, slogans are referred to as taglines, and they are viewed as part of the campaign that creates an acceptable image for a brand, service or cause. In this regard, they are used for commercial, political, social and religious reasons. One of the most effective political slogans in the U.S was “Yes We Can” that was used by Barrack Obama’s presidential campaign.