What Should Be Included When Writing a Proposal?

What Should Be Included When Writing a Proposal?

A written proposal should include a header testimonial, opening statement, scope of work statement and description, project deliverables description and investment details. It should also include a return on investment statement, call-to-action statement, thank-you statement and footer testimonial.

The header testimonial should include a quote from a current or previous client who used the company's product and vouches for its quality by mentioning results and specific statistics intended to get the attention of prospective new customers.

The opening statement should thank the prospective client for the opportunity to present the proposal and express the writer's enthusiasm to help solve the new client's problems.

The scope of work statement should spend one or two sentences summing up the client's problems and the proposed solution to the problems, followed by a detailed description of both the problem and the solution, including scheduling and deadlines. This section establishes early expectations for the overall project.

The project deliverables instruction specifies the tangible products the business provides the new client through this project. This should be presented in a concise, bulleted format.

The investment details section addresses specific pricing details by using language focusing less on cost and price and more on exchange and value. It should also include a return-on-investment statement that spells out for the client how he saves money or time due to idea proposed.

The call-to-action statement specifies the exact date and time for the next step of the project. A thank-you statement follows, reiterating the writer's gratitude to the client.

The proposal should end with a footer testimonial containing another quote from a previous client about the company's proven reliability and results.