What Should Be Included on a Retiree's Resume?


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Retired job seekers should include a list of accomplishments and relevant job skills on their resumes. Accomplishments should emphasize strong skills used at previous jobs and specify actions taken to perform job duties. The Challenge-Action-Result model helps senior job seekers summarize accomplishments by evaluating specific work challenges, problem-solving solutions and results achieved at work.

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Seniors who have worked for a long period of time should refrain from including work-related tasks on a resume that are not relevant to potential job positions. Retired workers must avoid listing skills that are heavily oriented towards an entirely different career field than the one they are attempting to enter. Keep old work history details to a bare minimum, focusing instead on job skills that are useful to new employers. Resumes should highlight recent employment, and leave older employment history out, or add it to a previous work experience section. Employment dates can be left out as well.

Seniors can age-proof their resumes by modernizing the language used in the resume writing. Remove outdated words and phrases. If the job position includes heavy use of technology, seniors can include some tech jargon to emphasize they are up-to-date. Seniors can demonstrate a willingness to learn and grow by including training classes on resumes. Seniors should also include participation on workplace teams to show employers they are good team players.

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