What Should Be Included on an Office Safety Checklist?


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An office safety checklist should include categories for general workplace conditions, electrical systems and material storage, as a checklist derived from Part 1910 of the OSHA standards demonstrates. Questions on a sample office safety checklist must be adapted to specific circumstances, with additions and deletions that are appropriate for the individual workplace.

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General safety items include the cleanliness and orderliness of work spaces, the adequacy of lighting and ventilation, the levels of noise, and the dryness of tile floors, notes the checklist. Other general items concern anti-slip surfaces, handrails on stairways, elevator inspections, furniture sturdiness and the availability of mechanical aids and equipment. Another focus is whether or not employees are aware of safety concerns, such as ergonomics, and if management trains them on emergency procedures.

When inspecting electrical systems, employers should bring their maintenance people or electricians with them, states the checklist. The inspection revolves around the safety of wiring, cords, outlets, fans and heaters in the workplace. Safe conditions for this inspection involve making sure that electrical units are well ventilated and well maintained and that shutoff switches are in working order. Also, shelving must be capable of supporting the weight of the objects placed there and secure from any threat of falling.

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