What Should Be Included in an Office Cleaning Contract?


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Office cleaning contracts should provide detailed information about the responsibilities of the cleaning company and the client, the payment structure, and how to resolve disputes, explains the Houston Chronicle. The contract should also explain how to terminate the contract if either party decides to end the business relationship.

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Cleaning contracts provide the terms under which the business relationship operates and protects both parties from potential liability, according to the Houston Chronicle. Cleaning companies should specifically explain any policies or procedures regarding how much the client should pay and which payment methods are acceptable. Cleaning tasks to be performed, the cleaning schedule with any weekly or monthly duties, and which party is responsible for providing supplies should be specifically listed and explained. The top of the document should include starting and ending dates, along with each party's name and a title for the contract.

Professional legal help may be necessary when preparing a cleaning contract, suggests the Houston Chronicle. Each party should read and agree to the contract terms before service begins. Any technical or legal terms used in the contract must be defined clearly for the readers. The contract should be written with a different section for each policy or agreement, to make the document easier to interpret.

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