What Should Be Included in a Motivational Letter for a Scholarship?


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A motivational letter for a scholarship should include a discussion on the applicant's future plans and examples of how the student worked hard in the previous years, according to Allcorrect. An applicant might consider answering the questions of why he wants that particular scholarship and what makes him a good candidate, and he should answer all the questions set by the scholarship guidelines, suggests Scholarship-Positions.com.

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In a motivational letter for a scholarship, an applicant should explain why he deserves the scholarship over other people, explains Allcorrect. However, the applicant should not say negative things about other individuals applying for the scholarship but instead should impress upon the fact the he is committed to finishing college. Another way for an applicant to show he deserves the scholarship over others is to showcase that he has planned for a future after college, and that his intended educational program is necessary for those future plans.

When providing examples of how the applicant worked hard over the years, the student should avoid detailing any past struggles, suggests Allcorrect. Instead the applicant should show he is dedicated and can breeze through any obstacles with his examples. The student should also avoid adding old stories and anecdotes to his motivational scholarship letter and instead should stick to the topic of the letter. While some of this type of information is okay, adding too much is unnecessary and may cause the reader to lose focus of the main point of the letter.

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