What Should Be Included in the Minutes From a Meeting?


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The first paragraph of a meeting's minutes should include general information about the meeting, including the date, time and type of meeting. The body should include information related to any motions that are discussed, and the final paragraph should include information about how the meeting was adjourned.

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Minutes are the legal record of a meeting and are usually kept by the secretary. The first paragraph should include the organization’s name and the type of meeting. The secretary should note the date, time and location of the meeting, along with the name of the presiding officer and whether there is a quorum. Approval of the previous meeting’s minutes also goes in this section.

The body of the minutes contains information related to all motions considered during the meeting. Each motion should have its own paragraph and include the exact wording of the motion, whether the motion passed or failed, and the final disposition. The secretary should record information about any votes taken, such as the type of vote and the vote count.

Other information the secretary should record in the body of the minutes includes points of order and their disposition, notices of motions, and references to written reports. The minutes should not contain information about what is said at the meeting, only what is done. The last paragraph should include the meeting's hour of adjournment.

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