What Should Be Included in Meeting Minutes?

Items that should be included in meeting minutes are when it took place, who could and couldn't attend, any final matters regarding the previous meeting's minutes, comprehensive details on each item addressed from the agenda and closing remarks on anything to be handled at the next meeting, suggests Wild Apricot. The minutes should provide a good understanding of all that took place at the meeting and serve as documentation on decisions made. Dotxes is one website where users can find templates with various formats for meeting minutes.

The time and date of the meeting can go in the minutes' call to order section, which can also state who led the meeting and what type of meeting there was, suggests Dotxes. Below this can include separate lists of who did attend (including their roles) and didn't attend the meeting and a section stating whether the last meeting's minutes got approved or need modified.

The main area of the meeting minutes may be grouped into sections for agenda items, decisions and actions, shows Dotxes. The agenda items section would state each agenda item along with the presenter's name and time allotted, while the decisions section states what the group decided to do. The actions section could list each action taken along with its due date and person responsible.

The last section can include any important notes about the meeting or unfinished business for later reference. This is also a good place to list the next meeting's place and time.

Other information the secretary should record in the body of the minutes includes points of order and their disposition, notices of motions, and references to written reports