What Should Be Included in a Lifeguard Job Description?


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A lifeguard job description should include that a lifeguard is expected to watch over individuals swimming in a lake, water park, beach or pool, and that he might be expected to perform first aid or resuscitation if the need arises. A lifeguard might also be expected to keep track of the number of individuals in the water at a given time and warn swimmers of danger.

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Lifeguards should have a current lifeguard certification and be trained in administering CPR. A lifeguard's job description may also state that the lifeguard is expected to act as a swimming instructor to children and beginners. Lifeguards also often give safety information to individuals before they engage in water sports.

A lifeguard should be aware of hazards and potential hazards and know which steps to take to prevent an accident from occurring. He might also be expected to take control of bad behavior and report the individuals if necessary. Lifeguards might also act as referees while surfing, beach volleyball and other water sports are being played to ensure the games are being played according to the proper regulations and rules.

Job descriptions might also indicate that lifeguards are in charge of checking pool chemicals to ensure swimming conditions are safe and sanitary.

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