What Should Be Included in a Letter for Introducing a New Company?

What Should Be Included in a Letter for Introducing a New Company?

Following the standard business letter protocol, a letter to introduce a new company should include how the company can benefit the recipient and what services the business will offer. The letter should highlight the problem that the company solves for the consumer.

The letter should begin with a question, funny or poignant anecdote, or a surprising fact in order to get the reader's attention. After an introduction that matters to the reader, which may include a reference to a previous meeting or mutual acquaintance, the letter should lead into showing that the company understands the consumer's needs.

Limited to a single page, the letter then highlights benefits. The letter should be clear and to the point and should close with an invitation. It can ask the reader to learn more about the business, either though coming to the business, visiting the website or requesting more information.

Some other ideas include inviting the reader to an open house or special event. The letter can also offer the reader a risk-free trial or a discount for bringing the letter to the company. Additionally, it can ask the reader to come to the company on a certain date to receive a discount.

The letter should make it easy for the reader to learn more and to find the new company. The letter should include the company's address, hours of operation and phone number.