What Should Be Included in a Job Cover Letter When Applying for an Internal Transfer?

If a person is looking to apply for an internal transfer, then the cover letter needs to include the reasons why that person is interested in the internal position, why he or she is qualified for the internal position and why he or she likes working for the company. It is also important for the person to let his or her boss know immediately after he or she decides to apply as it could negatively hurt the application if his or her boss finds out from someone else.

The cover letter needs to be targeted at the specific internal job that the person wants. It should begin by addressing the committee board or the person responsible for the hiring decision. Then, the opening statement should be the declaration, "I am applying for the position of [insert position here] of [insert company division here]." This will set the tone for the rest of the cover letter and lets the hiring manager know the intent immediately.

From there, the cover letter should branch into what the person has done at the company that has helped the company. It should talk about the contributions that the individual has made and the goals that he or she has accomplished. Next, the cover letter should delve into why the employee would be great in the new internal position and why he or she is seeking the position. The cover letter should end with a brief and respectful thank you.