What Should Be Included in a Generic Emergency Evacuation Plan?


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A generic emergency evacuation plan should include escapes routes and floor plans, a detailed evacuation procedure, a way to report the emergency and the names of people who need to be notified during an emergency, says the United States Department of Labor. Consider the different types of emergencies that could occur, such as chemical hazards, natural disasters, flood and fire.

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In the emergency evacuation plan, create procedures for safely shutting down the business, customizing it according to the type of business, recommends the United States Department of Labor. Ensure that all employees know their responsibilities, including how to use fire extinguishers and where fire exits are. Designate which employees are responsible for shutting down services and machinery prior to evacuating. Have a clear chain of command that all employees understand.

The emergency plan also should include instructions about how to use alarms and what emergency communications are available if the power goes out, notes the United States Department of Labor. Also, make sure you have an updated list of personnel in the plan, so supervisors and managers can find all employees and be sure all are accounted for when evacuating the building. Have tactile and visual alarms in place to alert disabled employees, and ensure that signage and evacuation instructions are understandable to non-English-speaking personnel.

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