What Should Be Included on an Employee Transfer Letter to an Employer?


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An employee transfer letter to an employer should include a date, personal details of the employer, reason for transfer, appreciation to the employer and opening and closing salutations. The letter should also contain the writer's signature.

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The personal details of the employer may include his name and contact details, including the phone number, address and email contact. The reason for transfer should make sense and convince the employer. One reason for transfer could be that the employee wants to work in a geographical area that is near his home to avoid transport costs. The employee may also consider a new position to be more suitable than his current position, based on his qualifications.

Expressing appreciation to the employer involves recognizing the employer for good things he has done for the employee who is seeking the transfer and thanking the employer in advance for granting the transfer. The opening salutation comes at the beginning of the letter and may include the word, "Dear," followed by the title and name of the employer. For instance, if the name of the employer is Kennedy, the opening salutation can be "Dear Mr. Kennedy."

The closing salutation, on the other hand, appears at the end of the letter and should contain words such as "Yours sincerely," followed by the writer's name. For instance, if the writer's name is Paul, the closing salutation is "Yours sincerely, Paul."

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