What Should Be Included in a Curriculum Vitae?

What Should Be Included in a Curriculum Vitae?

A curriculum vitae should include education history, academic and other related employment, research projects and departmental or community service. A CV functions like an academic resume, though it is typically much longer than a traditional resume and includes more information.

Education history is typically one of the first components of a CV. This should include information on all the degrees an individual possesses and any notable or relevant academic achievements. Younger candidates who are just out of graduate school may also include information about their dissertations in this section.

Academic and related employment is another significant portion of the CV. This includes information on any of the candidate’s relevant teaching positions at different colleges. The employment section may also include other relevant experience, such as editorial work or administrative experience.

Listing projects and other publications is another of the most important parts of the CV. In this section, candidates list all of their major achievements, including significant research projects, presentations at academic conferences, publications in journals or magazines and major published works such as books or monographs.

Departmental service is another important section of the CV, particularly for candidates applying for more advanced academic positions. Information on past academic chair positions and other bureaucratic experience typically forms the majority of this section, though other relevant experience related to campus communities is also worth including.