What Should Be Included on an Administrative Assistant Cover Letter?


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A cover letter for an administrative assistant position should include a personalized greeting, an intriguing introductory paragraph, a listing of job skills that relate to the position and a strong closing paragraph. Avoid using the same cover letter for each position, and customize each letter to appeal to a person in charge of hiring.

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Address an administrative assistant cover letter to a specific person in the human resources department or designated manager. If the manager's name isn't given in the job ad, visit the company's website to find the information or contact the company directly. Personalization creates a sense of familiarity. The first paragraph is short, casual in tone and informs the reader that the candidate understands what the hiring manager is seeking. Research the company's goals, achievements and work environment, and include these details in the letter's opening.

The mid-section of the cover letter is devoted to highlighting the candidate's specific qualifications for the job. One or two benefit-laced sentences introduce a bullet list of qualifications. Three or four standout skills are necessary, and action words focus on skills that help employees solve problems and get things done. The last paragraph can be used to summarize the previous list of skills. Close the letter using confident language, expounding on the desire to further discuss the position.

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