What Should Be Included in an Accounts Receivable Clerk Resume?


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The resume of an accounts receivable clerk should include a strongly worded summary at the top that provides the reader with a quick overview of the applicant's best worker traits. Additional resume sections include highlights, budgeting, experience and educational background. Adding a community service section at the end gives the candidate an opportunity to share volunteer work.

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Following the standard resume format, the candidate's name appears at the very top with address and contact information directly underneath. Use up to three sentences for the summary section, and include action words to describe strength of character and professional skills. Good active voice words to use include capable, strong, accurate and self-motivated. Accounting work requires accuracy and the resume should emphasize positive traits desired by employers such as paying close attention to details. It's okay to mention accuracy more than once using different forms of the word.

Under the highlights section, list numerous skills associated with accounts receivable clerks and use bullet points for each skill. Common skills performed on the job include budgeting, invoice management, document management and account reconciliation. Soft skills to list include customer relations, complex problem solving and communication. Resumes should include at least two former employers and candidates should provide a bulleted list of duties performed at each workplace. Describe job duties using active voice so that prospective employers see the value of setting up an interview.

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