What Should You Include on a Work Order Template?

Though the specific details necessary for a work order may vary depending on the nature of the company, most should include an order number, the contact information for the billable party, the deadline for the order and the total cost. A work order template also needs to include a section to outline the specifics of each item on the order, including individual costs.

A work order is a type of business document that a customer typically submits to a company requesting the completion of specific services, and it may also include the purchase of parts or other materials. A work order template should begin with the name of the business performing the work at the top, followed by a section to write a unique order number to track the project. It also needs a section to add the name and billing details of the client, along with the appropriate work destination address and a deadline date.

The bulk of the form template should be a section to specify the exact nature of the work in question, such as multiple rows with sections for a task name, description and other notes. It needs to be large enough to cover several tasks and should include space for writing in any additional parts necessary for the task. The form should conclude with the total estimated cost of the project and any relevant taxes or fees.