What Should You Include in a Sample Code of Conduct?

Items to include in a sample code of conduct or code of ethics document for a business include the ideal behavior for employees while at the job site, the methods for treating coworkers with respect and instructions on reporting inappropriate behavior or practices. The document does not need to list complete details, as the sample only needs to demonstrate the structure and tone for the document overall.

A sample code of conduct allows the human resources department to develop an organizational structure and system for that type of document, so that agents can reproduce it for situations such as opening a new office branch or tailoring it to a specific department or workforce segment. It should begin by outlining the broad structure of its contents, starting with headers for major features such as a language policy, dress code, employee interactions and workplace conduct. These headers need to reflect the ideas and concepts that matter most to the company, such as integrity or honesty, and relate them to specific actions and daily occurrences.

Many company code of conduct documents also feature segments that highlight the methods for identifying misconduct within the work setting, which can include harassment, dishonest practices or a failure to comply with other standards. The sample code should list some of these situations, how to identify if there is a violation, and what the employee should do to report it. This can consist of a list of people the employee needs to contact or directions on using an online form.