What Should You Include on a Resume for a Human Resources Job?


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A resume for a human resources job should include a list of previous jobs with responsibilities relevant to the new position, details about familiarity with any software for managing employee benefits or records, and recommendations from past employers or human resources coworkers. The resume also needs to contain any certifications or education with the field of human resources as well as a clear objective statement.

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Creating a resume for a human resources job starts with analyzing the job listings to identify the most important qualifications and skills the employer wants to see in applicants, as this allows you to create a custom resume for the job. Begin by drafting an objective statement that highlights your career goals and explains what you want out of the job. Below this, include a list of all the skills relevant to the position, primarily focusing on specific aspects of the job.

The resume also needs to list your past work experience, which should highlight your past responsibilities and accomplishments that directly relate to the job for which you are applying. Focus on the most recent jobs to keep the resume to a single page, only listing items that tie directly to aspects of the job description. End the resume with any professional certifications in the field and a list of your personal and business references.

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