What Should You Include in a Resume?

A good resume should sum up a job applicant's qualifications in a single page. This includes education, previous work experience, job skills and related qualities that might stand out favorably to a human resources manager.

The first thing to include on a resume is contact information. Use a full, legal name and provide an up-to-date phone number with a professional email address or a website. This gives the impression of professionalism. An objective statement provides a succinct look at the applicant's professional goals, and should be a single sentence.

The organization of the rest of the resume is up to interpretation, but the standard form is to list previous work experience first. This includes job titles, descriptions, dates worked and any notable achievements during the job. List them backward, starting from the most recent. Volunteer work can also go here, but most people write it and extracurricular activities as a separate section.

The education section should include any degrees and certification from the appropriate colleges, but do not include GPA unless it's an impressive and recent figure. Just like the experience section, list education from most recent to least.

Finally, list any other expertise or skills that are relevant to the position such as volunteer work, extracurricular activities or personal hobbies.