What Should You Include in a Response to a Complaint Letter?


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When responding to a complaint letter, begin by acknowledging the letter's receipt. If accepting fault for the complaint, apologize and explain the fault, and inform the customer that an investigation into the incident is in progress. Propose a way to settle the differences, and offer a solution in the form of a return, replacement product or future discount. Finish the letter by thanking the customer for their patronage and hoping they return in the future.

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If not accepting fault for the complaint, express regret about the customer's dissatisfaction but firmly deny responsibility for the problem. Explain that an investigation has occurred, and give factual reasons for rejecting fault. Offer a solution to settle the dispute, such as referring the customer to a third-party or another organization that can better handle their complaint. Thank the customer, and attempt to retain their future business by ensuring positive future business transactions.

When explaining why the company was at fault, begin by introducing the type of investigation conducted and its results. Explain the specific causes of the fault and the effects that spawned from them. Let the customer know of any new systems implemented to prevent the fault from happening again, as well as any procedures modified. Assure the customer that a fault of that magnitude will never happen again.

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