What Should You Include in a Patient Care Coordinator Job Description?


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The job description for a patient care coordinator should include responsibilities such as meeting with patients to discuss treatment options, working with health care providers to implement these plans, and regularly monitoring patients to track the effect of treatments and insure appropriate attention to needs. It should also mention job requirements such as experience in the field or possession of medical training, such as a nursing license or medical degree.

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A patient care coordinator works with doctors and patients to ensure the delivery of the best care and treatment according to individual circumstances and needs. This begins with the coordinator holding regular meetings with facility directors and supervisors to understand the available resources at the location, as well as the appropriate procedures for enrolling patients in different treatment plans. When a new patient enters the hospital, the coordinator examines her charts and condition, and then sets a meeting with her and any family members to explain the nature of the situation and explore treatment options.

The coordinator takes the patient's personal preferences and financial need into consideration during the development of treatment plans, then communicates these to the health care providers. The coordinator also regularly visits patients and meets with doctors to track the development of the procedures and ensure the patient receives adequate and appropriate care. The job may also involve examining hospital organization and patient care procedures to eliminate redundancies and ensure higher levels of efficiency across the organization.

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