What Should You Include in a Financial Aid Appeal Letter?

A financial aid appeal letter includes a clear, straightforward explanation, such as a parent's loss of job, and relevant information supporting the case, such as the parent's previous employer and employment termination date, explains The Huffington Post. When writing because of bad grades and requesting the financial aid office to reconsider its decision, explain why your academic performance faltered, such as a family member's death, and be honest about the circumstances that affected your grades.

Admit fault if the cause of your financial aid change is failure to meet a particular grade point average, and convince the financial aid committee to give you another chance, suggests The Huffington Post. Regardless of the reason for your inability to maintain the required grades, show that you understand your responsibilities, offer an apology, and further explain your situation.

Supporting documents are not necessary, but you may provide documentation or mention that you're ready to submit any important evidence that supports your case, notes The Huffington Post. Be honest and polite throughout the letter to express your heartfelt sincerity to change your financial aid status.

Family income changes and poor grades are common reasons for writing a financial aid appeal letter, reports The Huffington Post. If your household income decreases, you may write a letter before the next financial aid application period to request a reassessment of your financial aid based on the income change.