When Should You Include a Fax Cover Sheet and Where Can You Find Free Templates?


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A fax cover sheet should be included in nearly all business situations, and free templates are available from websites such as FreeFaxTemplate.net. Additional fax template resources are Microsoft Office Online, Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect.

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A properly constructed fax cover sheet identifies the intended recipient of the fax, the number of pages sent, and the subject of the fax, so that the recipient can immediately identify its purpose. The cover sheet also identifies the sender and includes details such as the sender’s phone number, email address and fax number. This enables the recipient to notify the sender if additional information is needed or if the fax is incomplete, unreadable or damaged during transmission. It also provides a convenient way to follow up with the sender at a later date.

The cover sheet enables the sender to include a message that is not part of the document being faxed, such as comments or instructions. Most cover sheets also contain a privacy notice that may be important for businesses that handle sensitive or confidential information. The cover sheet can be used to indicate the urgency of the information and whether a reply is needed. It is acceptable to omit the cover sheet in personal communications, established relationships or when the recipient requests its omission.

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