What Should You Include in an Event Announcement Press Release?


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When writing a press release for an event, include answers to questions such as, “Where is the event happening?” and, “What is the timing of the event?” Have a catchy headline that has the keywords, and include a section in the body where you tell the story of the event.

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Have a strong and engaging headline to help grab the readers’ attention. Make it descriptive, concise and easy to understand. Address important points in the first few sentences of the press release, describing involved parties, locations and brief histories. Stick to the critical elements of the information to ensure the reader captures everything about the event.

In the second paragraph, expand on the information provided in the first paragraph. Include a quote in the third paragraph from someone directly involved in the event, such as a key executive. This helps in emphasizing the importance of the event, and gives a human element to the press release.

Include the contact information of the key person to contact about the release. This includes the name, email address and phone number, preferably at the top of the page. Include relevant links to your website where readers can get more information about you and about the event.

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