What Should You Include in an Employee Warning Letter?


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An employee warning letter should include a mention of the ongoing disciplinary proceedings, the infringement that necessitated the proceedings, a clear warning, the amount of time for which the warning applies and the areas that need improvement. An addendum for the employee and a witness to sign should also be included.

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The warning letter should start with an introduction mentioning that the letter is part of an ongoing disciplinary procedure. This should then be followed by a clear enumeration of the charges against the employee. The letter should contain an accurate account of the employee's infringement or behavioral problem, as well as the date, time and place that it happened.

There should also be an allusion to the findings of the consequent disciplinary hearing, before providing a clear and stern warning against any similar behavior in the future. The warning must inform the employee of the exact action likely to be taken if they misbehave within the stipulated period. Furthermore, the letter must expressly state the period for which the warning applies. After warning the employee, the letter should conclude by clearly outlining the areas in which the employee needs to improve and, if possible, by explaining how he can do so.

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