What Should You Include in an Employee Evaluation Form?


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The main focus when writing an evaluation form for an employee is making sure to express the feedback for the employee in a concise, clear and comprehensive manner. Avoid judgment as much as possible and always consider the point of view of the employee when discussing issues that may have come up with his performance.

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Start your evaluation by writing about any issues with the employee. Address these issues independently and do not bring up new problems until you and the employee have thoroughly discussed the current problems. After discussing the particular issues, outline the steps you expect the employee to take to address the issues, and be as realistic as possible. Offer the employee your help and advice, and suggest who the employee should contact for any assistance with implementing a plan for improvement.

When writing an employee evaluation, you should be nonjudgmental whenever possible. Choose positive words and alternate between expressing any negative and positive feedback. Avoid vague language; instead, you should specifically describe the particular issues with the employee's performance. You should also reaffirm the employee's confidence and potential. A well-worded employee evaluation can make a significant difference in keeping the employee satisfied, which generally results in increased productivity.

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