What Should You Include on a Daily Forklift Inspection Checklist?


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Some items to include on a daily forklift inspection checklist are fuel record, fuel leaks, hydraulic oil leaks, engine oil leaks, radiator coolant leaks, tire pressure, tire condition, forks condition, secure attachment of load backrest, hydraulic hoses, chains, cables, stops, attachment of overhead guard, attachment of finger guards, corrosion or damage of propane tank, attachment and visibility of safety warnings, level and charge of battery, engine belts, transmission fluid level, engine oil level, transmission fluid level, operator's manual in container, attachment of nameplate, seatbelt function, hood latch and brake fluid. These are general engine-off checks to be used as a guide, though user's manuals specific to the equipment in question should always be consulted, according to the Occupational Safety and Healthy Administration (OSHA).

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Some engine-on items for a forklift checklist include smoothness and functionality of accelerator or direction control pedal, service brake, parking brake, steering operation, drive control, tilt control, hoist and lowering control, operation of attachment control, functioning horn, functioning lights, heater, defroster, wipers, function of ammeter, instrument monitors and function of gauges to read engine oil pressure, temperature, fuel level and hour meter.

If problems are discovered during the checklist, a certified mechanic must be contacted to correct those problems, states OSHA.

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