What Should You Include in Cover Letters Indicating Interest in Employment?


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When writing a cover letter, don't simply repeat the information in your resume. Tell potential employers what it is that you are looking for from them, whether it's an internship, volunteer work or employment. Also tell why you are interested in the organization or company. Show interest and sincerity by speaking about the potential employer or a specific aspect of the company and how it interests you.

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Share how you became aware of the job opportunity and convince the employer that you are a great fit for the position by highlighting the things that make you a great choice. Use strong verbs and vary sentence length. Be clear and concise; the cover letter should only be one page long. Do not be afraid to let some personality shine through. Word choice, anecdotes and benign bits of personal information are some ways to introduce personality in a cover letter. Share qualities or past experiences that are most relevant to the position.

If the job description or application requirements ask for references, a portfolio or expected salary, be sure to include that information or make reference to its enclosure. Remember to put your preferred contact information in the letter so you can be reached for an interview or job offer, and express a plan to follow up within a specified time frame.

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