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Hotel management involves the coordination and organization of all the different departments within the hotel, ranging from the cleaning teams to the front desk staff, along with tracking the performance each unit and the revenue of the entire hotel. A hotel manager must also outline the policies for guests, set hotel rates and make budgets to ensure the hotel continues to function.

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Careers in hotel management focus heavily on organization and project delegation, as one of the main aspects of the job is to ensure that each department within the hotel works efficiently and in conjunction with each other. This typically involves hiring the appropriate departmental managers to handle the daily activities of each unit while also reporting to the hotel manager. If a departmental manager faces an issue, the hotel manager may need to step in to provide a solution, such as reordering a room servicing schedule for the cleaning staff or changing the check-in process.

The hotel manager must also ensure that the hotel meets standards for cleanliness and customer satisfaction and ensure compliance with any state and federal regulations. She must also ensure that the guests are happy with their stays, often by overseeing the room design and hotel amenities to meet and exceed expectations. She may also need to interact with guests to resolve issues or provide special attention when necessary. Her job also includes approving major changes to the hotel, ensuring that it is profitable and managing the requests from each department head.

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