Should the Government Provide Health Care?


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According to the World Health Organization, all human beings have the right to health. This means that all people have the right to clean water, food and health care. This could be interpreted to mean the government is obligated to provide health services for the poor.

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This matter is still up for debate in the U.S. Congress, despite have been passed in early 2010. Insurers, the public and the medical community are still involved in a struggle to determine the fate of the measure called the Patient Protection and Affordability Act, which provided health care guidelines requiring health insurers to provide wider coverage to the public, and aims to make health insurance more affordable. The Patient Protection and Affordability Act further socialized health care and encouraged hot opposition from the conservative political sector.

Although the United States has socialized parts of the educational system and the postal service, there continues to be serious concern about socializing the health care system. Regardless of political leanings, the World Health Organization recommendations take into account only the basic factors of life, which are food, clean water and access to health care. Improvements in health care were responsible for the extension of U.S. male life expectancy in the 20th century from 48 to 79 years of age.

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