What Should a Good Goal Setting Form Include?


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An effective form or worksheet for setting goals should include sections to outline the overall tasks the user wishes to accomplish, an area in which to write specific plans, steps to achieve the goals, and a time frame for completing them. Some worksheets may also feature additional forms to break down the actions into smaller steps over more manageable periods of time.

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A form for setting goals allows the user to organize her thoughts and ideas so that she may identify the outcomes she desires from certain situations and form a plan to bring the goals to fruition. These forms may vary in format and style depending on the needs of the user, though many begin by prompting her to brainstorm and outline her goals in clear, concise language. This allows her to organize her thoughts and determine what matters most for the project at hand. The form should then instruct her to pick a small number of goals, to keep from overburdening herself and keep her focused.

She then needs to outline exactly how she plans to achieve the goals with multiple steps and concrete methods. For example, if one of her goals is to learn a new language, the action steps might include enrolling in a course at her local community college, purchasing phrase books and watching an hour of television in that language each week. Some forms may also have an area to track progress on the actions and make modifications to the plan over time.

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