How Should You Format an Agenda?


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The format for an agenda should reflect its purpose, such as a meeting or a daily itinerary, and include a clear list of goals and topics. It may also include specific times, dates and locations if the agenda is for use by multiple parties.

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The first step to determining the best format for an agenda is understanding how you plan to use it. If the agenda is for a single meeting, consider including the time and location of the meeting and a title that reflects the reason you are holding it. This may be the name of a project, a description of a campaign or a short sentence that describes the main objective. The agenda should also include a list of the items that you want to discuss or address in the meeting, with the most important items appearing at the top. If there are several points with a single item, include subsections to track them.

If the agenda is for a presentation or a seminar, include its title at the top followed by a list of the different major talking points along with a brief summary of each point. In all cases, the visuals, including fonts and graphics, should help to keep the information clear and organized rather than distract readers from it.

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