Who Should Fill in an SSI Application on Behalf of a Disabled Child?


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A disabled child's parent or legal guardian should complete the SSI, or Supplemental Security, application, according to the Social Security Administration. As of 2015, the application can only be completed by phone or in person. The parent or guardian must also complete a Child Disability Report, which is available online.

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A disabled child is eligible for SSI benefits if the condition meets the Social Security's definition of disabled and the child has little to no resources or income, according to the Social Security Administration. The family's resources and income are also deciding factors, and the Social Security Office may also conduct a personal interview to determine if benefits can be awarded.

The Social Security Administration defines a child as disabled if a physical or mental condition exists that seriously limits activities and if the condition has lasted or is expected to last for at least one year or has the potential to result in death, according to the Social Security Administration. State agencies make the final decision regarding benefits, and the family must submit proof of the medical condition and financial information when completing the application. Information about the child's education may also be requested. SSI benefits do not include medical care or coverage; however, the Social Security Administration can provide resources for disabled children to receive public assistance.

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