What Should You Expect to Earn As an Electrician's Apprentice?


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Salaries for electrician apprentices typically range from about $9.50 an hour to $18.50 an hour, as of 2015. Salary varies significantly depending on the apprentice's experience, the type of electrician program and the area.

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During an apprenticeship, the apprentice works under an experienced electrician to learn about the trade. Apprentices typically receive a salary equal to 30 to 50 percent of a trained electrician.

Since apprenticeships usually last for four years, the apprentice receives more money as he gains experience. The type of electrician program also affects the apprentice's salary, as electrician pay varies depending on the type of work the electrician performs. For example, electricians working in industrial or government settings typically make more, Salaries tend to be higher in areas with higher costs of living.

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