What Should an Employer Include in a Job Description?

A job description should include a clear description of the work duties, purpose, special skills and qualifications for the position. Job descriptions often begin with the job title and a general description followed by bullet points that break down the duties.

The objective or purpose statement of a job descriptions gives an overview of the expectations of the position. When listing the specific duties, the most important job responsibilities go at the top of the list. The job description should also include any supervisory responsibilities or key information about how the role interacts with other roles within the company. If the job requires special skills or use of particular equipment or software programs, those go in the job description.

The purpose of a job description is to clearly communicate the details of the role within the organization. It helps the manager assign duties and choose the best candidates for the position. It gives potential applicants an idea of what is expected and if the job fits their backgrounds. The job description gives current employees accountability by spelling out responsibilities. The description may become part of the evaluation process for employee performance.

Because the job description is important for a variety of purposes, it needs to use clear language and specific details. Accuracy in the specific duties is also a key part of writing a job description.