What Should I Do If My Employer Doesn't Send Me My W-2?

Forbes advices employees who do not receive a W-2 to contact their employer. The law requires employers to provide employees with copies of the form by the last day of January, but most send them out in advance.

Before assuming an employer has not sent a W-2, Forbes instructs taxpayers to thoroughly double-check all of their paper mail. Additionally, employers sometimes send the form or access to it through email; it is worth the time to look at both the inbox and junk mail.

Forms are sometimes lost due to a change of address. Missing information on tax forms can also cause W-2 delivery problems. A phone call to the payroll office is the quickest way for employees to remedy these problems, according to Forbes.

If the form is not in hand by February 14, Forbes advises taxpayers to call the IRS. The IRS contacts the employer with a form 4598 concerning the issue. It also sends the employee a copy of the form along with a substitute form to use in filing with a missing W-2. When filing with the substitute form, the IRS requires the taxpayer to wait until April 15 to file, in order to provide time for the employer to provide the missing form.