What Should Be in a Development Plan?


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A good development plan should include all the anticipated outcomes and should be focused, concise and applicable. Moreover, the plan should be aligned with the stakeholders vision and allow for feedback.

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The plan should be able to highlight the expected results, challenges and ways of addressing these challenges. The expected impacts of the outcomes on the organization should also be included into the development plan. It should also be able to explain to the concerned parties what it intends to achieve and the means of achieving the same in a clear and precise manner. Furthermore, whatever is discussed in development plan should be applicable within a set period of time. It should also be aligned with the objectives of the organization and lead towards the achievement of the same. Above all, the plan should encourage feedback from all the relevant stakeholders within the organization, including investors, where necessary. The concerned parties should be able to give their opinion about the strengths and weaknesses of the plan.

Development plan ensures that you achieve your objectives faster and within a set time frame. It also allows you and the organization to budget for the resources needed to achieve those particular goals and objectives.

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